Late, late, late

This is taking a lot more time than expected. Is that because of me being over optimistic or just because I am not up to the task? I’d like to think it is because of the first but a lot of times I think it is because of the second :'(

I have the artisan subscription working at last, that took more than I expected. I also have an minimal artisan dashboard working. The more I look at the app the more features I think that are missing and that the product is not worth releasing without them. That’s the eternal trap of the solo entrepreneur when doing the MVP. It is dragging me. I don’t want to fall in this trap and I am falling into it and I know I am falling into it 🙁 🙁

Anyways, lets continue, one small step each day, even if I am more than 3 weeks late of my official deadline.

Right now I consider that the only two features missing are:

  • Apprentice signup to a course
  • Course editing for the artisan (dates, course description, pause, publish status)

And the deployment tasks, of course.

I need to keep going. I won’t give up. I am close.

Slow progress

I couldn’t dedicate time to work on this project the last week, so the progress is slow. I worked on allowing images to be added to a course but is not finished.

The good thing is today I started my end of year vacations so I could dedicate more time to this and make up for the time lost.