Coronavirus, quarantine and progress

It’s been 3 months, from which 2 we’ve been in quarantine. All the plans and our lives changed from one week to the next. Suddenly there was thousands of worries in our minds and it was difficult to focus in anything other than the next day. This, of course, is not the only reason why I am 3 months late in my already late plans of putting a first version in hands of the artisans. But in fact it did affected and a lot. Anyways, no more excuses. The MVP is ready for artisans to use and I already want to hear their comments and suggestions.

In the end it’s been almost 6 months since I started this project.

People that has created products like this advise not to let that much time to pass without users having access to it and play with it, because you risk making a product nobody wants. I couldn’t avoid it. Before yesterday, the product couldn’t do the full flow that I am trying to automate: register as an artisan, create a course, do searches for interesting courses as an apprentice, enroll and pay it.

And yes, it took me 6 months. It was very hard and very tiresome, besides the emotional roller coaster, but here I am. Maybe someone else would have made it in less time. Maybe other person would have made other decisions or used other technologies. But this is what I did and the decisions I made and the technologies I used. And now I have something tangible.

In my point of view a lot of things are missing. Just looking at it I know what things I could have made better or what things I have not yet done, but if I continue this way I will never publish anything because it will never be perfect compared to what I imagined the day I naively started this project.

Maybe it is late and I created a product nobody wants. I am well aware. I hope it is not. Now I need to hear the opinions of the artisans instead of my own ideas about what the product should do.

Next step: put it in the artisan hands.

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